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Coastal Revetments

First Coastal designs, secures permits and constructs stone revetment projects. First Coastal's Stone Revetment projects provide solid protection for severely eroded dunes and bluffs through the installation of a professionally designed structure. A Stone Revetment is engineered to provide positive…

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First Coastal designs, secures permits and constructs catwalk dock and float for shoreline properties. First Coastal's docks and floats provide easy access for recreation water use and for permanent or seasonal installations. We only utilize materials specifically designed for harsh…

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Bluff Restoration

First Coastal restores and re-vegetates eroded bluffs along Long Island's north shores through our successful multi-step bluff restoration and re-vegetation process. Eroded and un-vegetated bluffs will continue to erode through wind, rain and slump erosion if left unattended. Additional erosion…

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Dune Restoration

First Coastal's Erosion Control division currently conducts Dune Management Programs along over 50,000 feet of Long Island coastline. Our Dune Management Program involves a continuous analysis of the erosion and flood protection of our client's oceanfront properties. Throughout the year,…

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Wetland Restoration

Freshwater and Tidal Wetlands provide essential flood protection, water quality maintenance, wild-life habitats, and aesthetic beauty to their associated upland properties. Wetlands offer flood protection to the uplands by temporarily storing flood waters, and buffering storm wave action. These same…

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