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Wetland Restoration

first coastal wetland restoration featured imageFreshwater and Tidal Wetlands provide essential flood protection, water quality maintenance, wild-life habitats, and aesthetic beauty to their associated upland properties. Wetlands offer flood protection to the uplands by temporarily storing flood waters, and buffering storm wave action. These same wetlands provide important sediment and man-made pollution control by collecting and filtering storm water discharges before these waters enter streams and bays.

It is essential that all presently existing wetlands be protected and restored so that these valuable resources can provide natural defenses for the generations to come, as well as the property owners of today.

First Coastal specializes in identifying, evaluating, and restoring damaged or disturbed Freshwater and Tidal Wetlands. The mitigation techniques used by Environmental Services comply with the most strict federal, state, and local wetland protection and regulatory requirements.

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